Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Lemon-Coconut Sheet Cake & Cream Cheese Frosting (S)

My daughter Hope, an Arendse, loves to cook and especially bake. Starting when she was 6 years old, she began experimenting in the kitchen with her own recipes. Eight years later, and we are all reaping the benefits of her creativeness in the kitchen. Hope adapted this recipe from a favorite website, Healthy Indulgences, but she often creates her own recipes. I'll post some of those later.
Renamed to fit its purpose, this Coconut Sheet Cake is perfect for birthday cakes and other party cakes. Both the cake & frosting are S-style THM recipes. Confused? Be sure to check out our earlier post reviewing THM & don't forget the THM website!
Valentines Day was the occasion in the picture below but we served it to Heather's family while they were here this spring just because. The beauty of baking with nutritious flours like almond, pecan, and coconut flour is that you don't have to feel guilty when eating it. Especially if you keep it sugar free!
1/2 cup Coconut Oil
2 Tea spoons vanilla
4 eggs
1 Cup cottage cheese
2 Cups almond flour
1/2 Cup coconut flour
3/4 cup Erythritol 
1/8 Tea spoon Nu Stevia White Extract Powder
4 Tea spoon baking powder
1/2 Cup oats
Pulse coconut oil with erythritol and vanilla in blender until creamy. Add remaining ingredients. Blend in enough water to make a thick and pourable consistency, (about 1/2 to 1 cup). Pour into greased 9X13 pan and bake at 350 degrees for 30-40 minutes or until cake springs back when lightly pressed.
Lemon or Lime Cream Cheese Frosting
Beat 16 ounces cream cheese with juice and zest of 2 lemons or several limes. Add Stevia to taste. Beat like crazy for at least 5 minutes until fluffy.
Hope and Kathryn baked up a small pan to share for Valentines Day and added strawberries to the icing instead of lemon. It's easy to change the flavor of your icing. Try your favorite flavors. Personally, I'm a fan of chocolate icing! Heather's favorite was lime frosting.
- Jeanelle

Update 6/25/13:
This post is linked over at Stacy Makes Cents for Trim Healthy Tuesdays. Hop over and check out more great recipes to help you on your Trim Healthy Mama journey!


  1. I love baking with coconut flour, such a distinctive taste it gives. This recipe sounds great. Roechelle @ http://www.hugatreewithme.com

  2. My sister shared your blog with me; I'm so glad she did! I'll be checking in often. I'll be looking forward to your main dish, salad, and drink recipes. Yesterday I made some of Gwen's sourdough bread and then had it with my egg this morning. Later I thought, oops! that was the wrong thing to do, LOL. Still learning! {{hugs}}

  3. It takes a bit to get THM down but it will come! I've made Gwen's sourdough recipe & we all loved it! I used freshly ground wheat with 1 cup unbleached white.
    - Heather

  4. This looks ROCKING GOOD!!! I'm pinning! :-)
    Thanks for linking at Trim Healthy Tuesday!


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